Virtual World Tour, 4th - 5th December 2018

The Virtual World Tour was part of the Major Conference “Future of Work” in Stuttgart, Germany, on December 4-5, 2018. It could give a glimpse into the future of work around the globe. Twelve globally distributed leading research institutions presented their current research highlights online in livestreams. Thus, a lively discussion about the Future of Work took place, both on-site in Stuttgart and virtually for an international interested public. Please find an overview about the topics here.

It is now possible to access the 24 hour long recording by logging in below. To jump to a particular session, please use the time bar.

Please note that due to a technical issue, in certain sections of the session 2 "Bilbao Innovation Factory (BBF), Spain" the sound could not be recorded. Please accept our most sincere apologies for this.

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Enjoy watching the sessions!

Coworking - Current Research and Practice of Work(space) and Learning Design
Strategic Talent Management in the Digital era
The Future of Manufacturing and Game-changing Technologies & New Forms of Employment and Platform work
Artificial Intelligence in Education and Work
Managing Work, Life, and Learning in 2030: Impacts of a Digital Workforce, Freelance Economy, and Fractal Education
Smart Farming & Agro 4.0
The Future of Work in the United States
The future of work in the area of Artificial Intelligence & 10 positive views on the future of work
Thriving in the Digital Economy
Demographic challenges and solution approaches concerning nursing and care for elderly in Japan
Collaborations Between the Two Brains: Digital Transformation of New Workforce Models in Taiwan
Industry 4.0 Work Design with the Future Work Lab

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